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Having a VAX Passbook or Passcard is your vaccination record showing the history of all the vaccinations you’ve had. It helps keep your vaccine records up to date. These records are increasingly likely to be required for certain jobs, travel abroad, or school registration. There is no national organization that maintains vaccination records. Not even at the CDC. The only records that exist are the ones you (or your parents) are given when your vaccines are administered. The VAX Passbook and VAX Passcard keep your records safe and secure, save time and avoid potential problems.

Countless Benefits of the VAX Passbook


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The VAXPassbook®, eVaccine™ Passport can play a key role in corporate travel, getting businesses up and running smoothly, and international trade.

A digital app is included with your VAXPassbook®, eVaccine™ Passport.

The VAXPassbook®, eVaccine™ Passport is designed to facilitate international travel as well as help you gain access to specific events and venues.

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Our dedicated travel agents are your committed advisors – available to you 24/7, throughout the duration of your business trip; to help with any requests, last-minute changes, or cases of emergency.

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Plan company business trips, monitor employee spending, and receive reports‒all from the palm of your hand. Our 360° approach to corporate travel management will save you time and money, while increasing productivity on each trip.

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